[eDebate] Vermont tournament - Thursday

Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Thu Jan 25 14:43:46 CST 2007

People will be hitting the road tomorrow, so here comes some news and 

We will serve pizza at the awards assembly on Sunday.
On Saturday we will serve a meal which we have prepared, including:
Chicken enchiladas
Vegan vegetable fajitas
Corn bread
Vegan chili
LJ's famous pasta salad
Koogel for desert
A specially decorated cake
Plus mystery dishes I cannot describe.
On Saturday and Sunday morning we will have bagels and a variety of 
pastries along with coffee and tea.

When you arrive on Friday, feel free to drop by Tuna's place for a 
friendly visit and some refreshment. We will kick off fairly early in 
the evening and will be waiting for people who arrive late. In any case, 
call 802-238-8345 to let us know when you arrive and if you are coming 
to the reception. It will take place at 18 Clark Street #3 (third floor 
in the back) and will be hosted by David Register and John Hines. As you 
stand on the top of Church Street (the pedestrian only zone in downtown) 
facing the church, Clark Street will be on your right and you can see my 
building from there. Clark Street is only one block long so once you 
find it you are set. Parking may be a challenge but there is some in the 
area. I will try and pull my blue VW beetle far forward in the driveway 
to create at least some space. Please call just before you arrive so we 
can throw another snack in the oven.

At this point we will have to collapse varsity and jv, I would prefer 
not to, but there is no way we can have six rounds for three Army teams 
if we do not. So, it will be quarters in each division. We will have a 
separate breakout final for jv teams. Remember, Vermont teams cannot 
clear, so making the elims should be easier because of that. We may 
still add one or two new teams from Vermont (novices) depending on how 
they feel about their next training session (tonight).

We will hand out preference forms on Saturday morning, they will be due 
by the start of round two, and we will use them in rounds 3-6. Check for 
them at the ballot table.

Things are looking better even if they do not look warmer...
FRIDAY: 30% chance of snow showers, high +6, low -4
SATURDAY: 40% chance of snow showers, high +18, low +4
SUNDAY: 30% chance of snow showers, high +21, low +4.

Drop off evidence in front of Royall Tyler Theatre, and then move it 
into Lafayette Hall. Try parking in the lot behind Huber House (debate 
offices) at 475 Main Street. Taking Main Street towards town after 
dropping off, take a left at Prospect and an immediate left into the 
parking lot. It is a two minute walk from there. You can find 
information about how to get to UVM at 
and a map for Royall Tyler can be found at 

We will collect fees after round one starts. We trust you. Once you hit 
the road with your posse headed to Vermont please call 802-238-8345 and 
indicate any changes. We would appreciate that.

We look forward to hosting you all in Burlington.


Alfred C. Snider aka Tuna
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University of Vermont
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