[eDebate] Kernoff v. Osborne -- Fluffy Hair contest

William J Repko repkowil
Sat Jan 27 16:22:32 CST 2007

With apologies to Mark Presenti, the mano y mano fluffy hair contest is 
formally a "go". 

It's Bandana Martin v. Josh Kernoff -- Sunday, Feb 11th -- Northwestern 

This is mostly the result of immense shit-talk by Osborn -- who insists he 
is utterly unbeatable when he uses a pick. Insiders say this is not entirely 

On the other hand, kudos to Kernoff -- who refused to cut his hair over the 
Winter break just to win this contest. 

...it's a true showdown. 

The rules: 

Each participant gets one-strike, to be declared in advance. A strikecard is 
below. Judges use different criteria -- I recommend asking around for judge 
philosophies before committing to a strike. 

Whomever gets the majority vote of the remaining judges is declared 

The winner receives a Chia Head Plant 

The loser receives only shame. 

The strikecard is: 

Greg Achten   -- Berkeley
Jonah Feldman -- Texas
Gabe Murillo  -- Wayne State
Varsha + hi-chair -- MSU
Will Repko -- MSU 

To save time, I will enclose a brief philosophy: 

For me (and only for me) this is a *fluffy* hair contest -- not a Bon Jovi 
concert. Oodles of Hairspray may help make you look ridiculous (or -- in 
Osborn's case -- more ridiculous), and that is certainly not prohibited. 

But, in the end, some Metro-Detroit suburb/80's style/let's-go-see-if-the 
guys-from-Warrant-will-let-us-backstage look is a loser (though not 
necessarily for Jonah). Truly "poofy" is a better road. 

I will not be offended if I am struck by either of you -- the stakes are 
obviously enormous. 

Best of luck, 


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