[eDebate] Navy Announcements

Danielle Verney daisy_verney
Sat Jan 27 21:35:14 CST 2007

Navy apologizes profusely; we are pleased to announce that Appalachian State 
DL (Zach Dease and Ryan Lucas) clears to octos in novice.

Thank you very much for participating in our tournament. Please check 
carefully for the list of judges below. If you are not on this list AND your 
school has been eliminated, you are free to go.

Judges in octos all divisions:

Angat, J
Arnold, M
Baldis, N
Barnes (Williams)
Barnes, A
Beaton, H
Berry, M
Bowman, P
Brooks, H
Brovero, A
Burk, C
Butt, N
Coleman, K
D'amico, S
Davis, M
Delong, B
Dunn, M
Goss, J
Green, R.j
Hall, H
Hall, M
Hamann, G
Hanson, K
Johnson, P
Kemp, S
Kennedy, T
Kuswa, K
Lacy, J
Lyle, J
Mika, J
Nagy, J
Packer, J
Pope, J
Saindon, B
Schatz, J
Siman, K
Skimmyhorn, Major, USA
Stewart, J
Strait, P
Sullivan, Lieutenant, USN
Thomas, E
Watson, H
Weiner, J
Willis, K
Woods, Carly
Woods, Clint
Wyatt, L

Teams in octos, Open:

Binghamton GM
Boston College BC
George Washington RW
James Madison GY
Liberty CK
Mary Washington BC
Mary Washington JR
Mary Washington KS
Pittsburgh FM
Pittsburgh GM
Richmond CS
Texas-Dallas RS
Wake Forest AS
Wake Forest CC
Wake Forest NP
Wake Forest RZ

Teams in octos JV:

Binghamton CR
Binghamton LN
Boston College MM
Clarion AD
Clarion DG
John Carroll LS
John Caroll MS
Kings AD
Liberty BZ
Liberty GO
Liberty HR
Mary Washington CM
Wayne State CG
Wayne State HP

Teams in octos Novice:

Appalachian DL
Binghamton BP
Case Western DM
Catholic AM
Clarion ST
George Mason PP
James Madison FW
Liberty DT
Liberty FS
Liberty MW
Pittsburgh BM
Mary Washington CG
Vanderbilt LS

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