[eDebate] Template

Naveen Ramachandrappa nramachandrappa
Sun Jan 28 16:22:00 CST 2007

At the California tournaments and at West Georgia, I tried gathering 
information on MS Word templates.  It doesn't seem like there is much "new" 
stuff to report.  But I thought I would post the template I've been using 
lately.  Download it at -- 

I love feedback on this kind of stuff, so please send me any comments or 
suggestions -- send to nramachandrappa at gmail.com (I'm trying to change 
e-mail addresses).  Also, if there are macros or other things in this 
template, that you want to incorporate into your own template, but are 
unsure of, let me know as well.

Oh and at some point, I plan on updating the "tutorial" to include macros 
and other things, but that's for later and perhaps not until Office 2007.

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