[eDebate] nothing i can do. total neglect of the heart

Matthew Cook wsu.cook
Tue Jan 30 22:53:57 CST 2007

seriously, 9 entries for perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime debate tournament? all
you in the "maybe i'll enter" category are thinking "i'm not going to let my
ego make me do this. let me keep my championship." but you're really doing a
disservice to the debate community as a whole. You really should show young
kids what good debate is. think of it as a selfless act.

maybe there are more entries that debateresults isn't showing me, but i took
5 days off of work in observance of this tournament and I think its high
time all this excitement amounts to something substantial. Ever since the
mutterings of a potential ""open"" tournament at the heart last year, people
have been shooting around names like it was fantasy football. Rumors be
damned.  Own up, ante up, cut some cards, do some drills and get with the

thanks to all of those who have graciously entered. I would enter but i
can't risk my reputation.

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