[eDebate] Coon details

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Wed Jan 31 19:34:56 CST 2007

I need a couple of things from everyone who is entering the Coon.

First, I need every school to check that the e-mail contacts in
Bruschke's system are up-to-date, representing the individual(s) that
should receive the user name and password for the pref entry system. 
That system will go live early next Wednesday - assuming of course that
we have accurate entry info by then.  Since folks have asked, we will be
using a 9-category system for Northwestern.  While the experiments at
Kentucky and Wake were very useful and will likely result in future
testing of alternatives that provide adequate constraints while best
maximizing the advantages of the rating system, Northwestern will use
the same system that they have used for the past several years that I
have been associated with the tournament tabroom.

Second, it is an ongoing challenge to interpret how judging assignments
are being met.  More info in the Comment section is always better than
less.  If you are GETTING judges from multiple sources, be explicit in
who they are.  If judges you have listed with your school are PROVIDING
rounds to meet the obligations of other schools, list that information
clearly as well.  Invariably, some judges end up listed more than once
and often with more that 8 rounds of total commitment.


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