[eDebate] wateragate burial for criminal fuckfaces

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed Jan 31 22:33:39 CST 2007

hey, the only prediction so far that stromboli has missed was the old wesley clark prediction on the dem nomination.otherwise, you will see that korcok is 0 for 1 million.korcok is too much of an arrogant fuck in the ass to admit that he was wrong to promote the criminals and serve as a distraction front man from an illegal quagmire that has set the nation back decades and done nothing but murder civilians and stupid, brainwashed soldiers in the xian bloodcult.how bout that iraq war quick and simple prediction, eagle's nest blow job boy?how bout the republicans in '06 prediction?how bout the karl rove libby trial prediction?how bout your new and latest greatest pro-nazi dirty trick '08 prediction?go back to your blow jobs in the white house bad broken record -- you total fucking "anti-debate in the political process" , "rove loving" dickfuckrove and bush have been good for america.   they have done so much and the bible is such a sweet book to commit perjury on....HA HA HA you are a total loser and that's why your dabait teams always suck
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