[eDebate] Re-sending as text Re: Forensic program directors: Building alumni support

Doyle Srader doyle
Wed Jan 31 11:53:35 CST 2007

(You would think I'd have learned after this many years.)

Take two, this time in readable form.

Howdy. I'm writing on behalf of the Professional Development Committee 
of AFA. If you are a current or past Director of Forensics, I'm 
soliciting your input.

One of the things we decided at our NCA meeting was that we would try to 
compile a set of resources, a tool-kit, for new or endangered directors 
to use in developing the program's alumni, whether during their time or 
in a previous era, as a source of support. If you have tips, techniques, 
and especially documents you've already drawn up, and that you'd be 
willing to share, then you can send them to me at this email. The plan 
is that we'll put whatever we receive together into a packet, and make 
it available through the AFA web site. The tasks we have in mind include 
keeping in touch with your alums, keeping them interested, channeling 
their support into a message to administrators, responding effectively 
and appropriately if they want to contribute toward endowing your 
program, etc.

All offerings of help greatly appreciated.

Doyle Srader, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Communication Studies
Stephen F. Austin State University

Ezekiel 36:26-27

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