[eDebate] Glenbrook South welcomes new coaching additions

Tara Tate tara_l_tate
Mon Jul 2 18:19:20 CDT 2007

I am pleased to announce some new Titans to the Glenbrook South policy coaching staff for the 2007-2008 season.   Ravi Shankar is leaving us for greener pastures at Harvard Law.  He has been a vital part of the GBS Debate team for eight years - four as a debater and four as a coach.  We will miss him...I came close to using statute numbers and all caps for this email, just for him...  :)
I would like to welcome the following three additions:
Brian Peterson - we are super excited that GBS was able to work out an instructional assistant position and thrilled that Brian has taken the position.  Brian will be in the building working with the kiddos and traveling.  Before arriving at GBS, Brian debated for UT and has been coaching at Lane Tech in Chicago.  I will say that it was difficult for this born-and-bred Arkansas Razorback to give this former Longhorn a good character reference, but I think we will let this slide.  
Dan Fitzmier - Dan is relocating back to Chicago and we are grateful that he has agreed to work with us as an extra-curricular assistant.  Although we know his focus will be on his collegiate debate obligations, we are excited that he will be researching, working with the kids, and doing some minimal travel for us.
Abe Corrigan - Although Abe has never really departed as a Titan, we would like to officially welcome our alum to our coaching roster.  We know he will find the time away from his Gonzaga responsibilities to breathe creativity into our arguments.  I am not sure if animal rights links to public health assistance...but if it is possible, Abe is on it.  :)
We are also excited that we could coerce Calum Matheson in to returning to GBS in the same capacity he has been in the last two years with us.  I give him infinite credit for any success we have had the past two years.
Welcome Brian, Dan, and Abe to (or back to) GBS!
Tara Tate
Director of Debate, Glenbrook South
President, NDCA
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