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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Jul 3 23:28:51 CDT 2007

why is al queda in iraq "dropping off" car bombs in london? Suicide attacks
seem to be their typical MO. Granted IED's have been an oft used weapon, but
these cars are not seemingly the way to introduce ied's to the west when
much smaller easier to build devices are more simple and in some senses more
terrifying. Car bombs of this style seem to be the work of secular
terrorists like tim mcveigh or the ira at points during the last several
decades, But AQ-I car bombs seem their most effective when the driver sticks
with the car till the bomb goes off, and this makes sense given the ideology
of the org (as represented in the west).

Why would AQ-I waste valuble resources like doctors on half assed car bombs,
clearly they have people who can build car bombs. And apparently they have
strategic interest in doctors, but it seems like its against the stated
strategic interest to have doctors who dont die in car bombings, get
arrested. It seems like before these guys blew up aq-i 's brittish doctor
spot they would have done the things that doctors can uniquely do and would
have risked it on something that a variety of people could do better.

Why is the terrorism link to the brittish medicine system being drawn out in
the media  right as michael moores critiquie offers it as an alternative?

There are other questions to be sure....but lets start with these...im not
suggesting an alt, just asking ?'s
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