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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Wed Jul 4 00:03:30 CDT 2007

oh wait, he did.  but if Bush doesn't pardon him, he is still in for a whopping $250,000 fine.  
DAMN...  that is one expensive frikkin lie.  so, unh, kids, it is still BAD to lie to the government.  unless you want to.  then it's ok.
so the whole Wilson/Plame episode comes to... pretty much nothing.  good call investing yourselves in it.  and a petition as the cherry on top of that shit parfait... oh my.
will you focus on something even remotely important now?  well, Andy is still pissed Clinton didn't release a murderer serving a life sentence, so that's a no from him.  way to prioritize, Ellis.  as the No Parole Peltier Association notes as i write this,  "11695 days, 21 hours, 43 minutes, and 16 seconds have passed since Agents Coler and Williams were murdered on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. They will never come home."
anyway, Windows Live has now stuck me with the small font from the quote and I am uninterested in figuring out how to fix it.  but it is bugging me.  so no witty repartee to Trond's typically overwrought "GOTTA PULL IT OUT BY THE ROOTS" melodrama...  HEY!!!  did the font just decrease in size even more...  the incredible shrinking post.  gotta go.
Michael Korcok
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