[eDebate] Help me get funding for Baltimore College Debate

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Jul 4 12:11:43 CDT 2007

No, this time i am not selling some new service or announcing some product
or asking you to be members.

Today i am working on some grants and one of the sections i am working on
for my portfolio is "What others say about us?"
I have several good sources in there already, but would like to include more
from the college community.

You don't need to make stuff up or to pretend you like the idea if you
haven't experienced, read, or talked to me about it, but if you think the
local approach we are taking to building debate in Baltimore is a good idea
and addresses an important need, write a paragraph and send it to me.

You are free to write more than a paragraph, or less, or nothing at all, but
the more i have to choose from from different members of the community the
more feasible it is to apply for a wide variety of grants.

More information can be found at baltimorecollegedebate.org

Andy Ellis
PS-I'm not feeling bad and needing self affirmation today, but this is a
needed component for many opportunities i am looking at for funding.
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