[eDebate] Are you the "iowa farm boy or girl"?

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Thu Jul 5 14:53:23 CDT 2007

Who commits an act of genocide?
What does it take?
Crazy people for sure
Only crazy people could do such a thing
We talk of genocide like it?s a verb
Genocided genocided
Are you that iowa farm boy
Or girl
Not really iowa
Just like not really eichmann
Order from above
Don?t ask questions
Get in line
Make the trains run on time
Decision making as a process
Or ethics in decision making?
Are we happy we even had trains?

Are you a future participant
You know in the act
The disdainful act
Like whats going on in darfur
Or the tutsis and the hutus
Could you be either one
Living in your world
is the genocide you participate in known?
Or uknown?
Aware or unaware?

Routinized decision making
Bow to the idol
I can do the method the best
But what if
What if 
What if you are called to war
Brought into battle
Or are you too good for such
Only good enough to calculate but not participate?
What has your method of thinking brought you too
In the village
Or city
Or dessert
The radio says shoot
Do you  fire the missiles from the ship
A careful decision calculus has to be made
Who benefits?
Who dies ?
Who suffers?
How much are you to blame?
What rationality I can make this time to ease my mind
What are we educated to do?


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