[eDebate] Following up on scotts governments in exile ?

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Jul 10 17:09:35 CDT 2007

What happens if Hammas takes over the west bank as well and the Palestinian
Authority goes to dubai? Thats easy there, but what if another topic country
collapses? Say the US pulls out of iraq, iran turkey syria and saudi arabia
go in, israel starts going after all of them and one or more governents is
overthrown by a mossad/cia combined operation....i mean in one sence its
good we arent debating iraq, because then it would be more probable that the
crisis in the region would intersect with what we debate, but what if syria
or iran are faced with regime change...or afghanistan becomes taliban run,
do we have to engage the taliban, does that change if they change the name
of the country?
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