[eDebate] Return of B'more Debates Radio

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Jul 12 11:25:26 CDT 2007

I have taken a decently long hiatus from the radio show in order to preapre
for the upcoming season, but starting today we have a series of exciting
shows that you might want to check out

today at 2:30

we will broadcast the Baltimore Hip Hop Congress daily cipher, this is a mic
check basically so that we can see how well the cipher will broadcast. If
you are listening please let us know how the sound is

Tomorrow at 6:00 PM

Matt stannard will join me to discuss debate cooperatives and other low cost
opportunities for all students interested in debate. We will take listener
calls .

Monday at 2:00 PM

We will do a whole hour with the Baltimore Chapter of the Hip Hop Congress,
Fresh off of an appearance at the national hip hop congress, several
students and educators from baltimore have decided to start the baltimore
chapter, the first hour will feature discussion and interview and the last
30 minutes will feature the daily cipher.

You can listen at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bmoredb8

Thank You
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