[eDebate] Baltimore College Debate Cooperative

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Jul 14 11:14:33 CDT 2007


Plans for the baltimore college debate cooperative are going forward, we
have several local students interested and some folks from other colleges,

hotels are still available if you are coming from out of the area and
information can be found here


if you would like more information or would like to register go to

or email beth skinner at beth.skinner at gmail.com

one final announcement,  the cooperative movement is more than one local
option or another, it is in fact a growing community wide approach to
provide summer debate opportunities to as many as possible, at as low of a
cost as possible, trying to balance the people in that movement between,
cooperatives, low cost hs camps, and udl hs and ms camps, can require as
matt said on the radio last night some creative logistics, and some tough
choices. This year i have decided to work at the wyoming cooperative in
order to insure that there is enough coaching for the overwhelming 150
college students they expect. It is difficult to miss the Baltimore
cooperative because i have been so excited for so long about its emergence.
But i have no fear that it will be a great experience because beth skinner
of towson debate will be running it.

Please direct any inquires her way, as the next two weeks will see me
swamped preparing for middle school debate camp, and then i go straight from
there to wyoming, so i have handed all information and correspondence, but
if you have questions you should follow up with her, you should expect email
with more info from beth in the near future.


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