[eDebate] To be more Blunt!

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Tue Jul 17 07:43:44 CDT 2007

So as many of you see this as just another debate, i want to provide a brief reality check to the community.

The numbers of schools participating in our activity is shrinking.  Not because schools are quitting debate, but because we make 
our activity unbearable for many.

Here is the reality check.  Many schools in our organizations are considering a move to parli.  Biggest complaint, bad 

Remember the MTSU's, and the Southern Utahs or the Southwestern of Kansas.  Now we are losing schools that have been with 
us for years.  SIU switched over recently, along with Western Washington.

The recent options for choice in the topic voting is absurd.  Do you really think these topics are good for novice debate?  Really?  

A better question might be, do you care about novice debate?  (whoever thinks they might be responsible for the choices)

Are these topics accessible for those schools who are considering debate.  Why would any school (assuming no NDT policy 
background) choose to show up and debate these resolutions?  Why would a novice be attracted?

The moment anyone attempts to balance aff and neg ground in topic wording, the process has gone astray. 

I will complain, and you can reply and legitimate in your eyes, but the reality is we are about to lose more schools to parli 
because we dont know how to create an attractive/adequate resolution.  

One and/or phrase is silly, two though?   I know I am just a dumn okie for a small hick town in southern oklahoma, but 
sometimes the debate groupy/we're specialists mentality has to be identified.

I wont complain anymore this year about these choices, it's time to debate whatever paragraphical schism we're given.  
Continued topic framing in this manners seems to me a shout of "get the "*uck out", and we dont care if there is barely enough 
teams to have a full bracket at the NDT again."  To be blunt, these topics scream of ELITISM.

As one of my favorites would say,  I have to be skeptical of a people who dig up gold in the east only to bury it in the west.



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