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Let's start with a question for you.  What has happened to the two college programs you have coached?  I am sure resolutions 
wont be one of the answers, but i do know that resolutions was one of the reasons notre dame was traveling the CEDA circuit 
before you came aboard as coach.

You list costs, budget cuts etc and claim i make a root cause argument.  I said biggest complaint, not root cause.  However, 
the costs, research and budget can all be connected to resolutions.  Did you even think this through at all.  I would never state 
one of these resolutions to my department chair word for word, i would rather admit its too long.  That makes our activity 
insular immediately.

I have been in college debate many years.  I know many people who were on these teams that you mention, and i know people 
on the teams that are about to exit. We disagree.  This requires each person to think this through for themselves.

You coach at one of the top recruited high schools in the country.  If debate resolutions stay this way, your kids will always be 
highly recruited because they can afford the camps and travel that put them in contact with  those who debate via technique, 
and thus benefit from the current resolutional structure.  I say you have self interests in defending debate as is.

If you really acknowledged debate is shrinking, then how can you immediately rule out resoultional constructs?  Thats not 
critical thinking by any mannner.  I dont rule out budget cuts, but i do draw connections between resolutions and competitive 
success for those who dont recruit the students at the caliber of st. marks technique.

I dont need evidence to draw the connections, and you sound absurd saying there is no connnection.  

Question for you.  What was the biggest change or only change about the quote  "merger"?

The resolution.  And you rule this out immediately?

Is it because you prefer one style of debate over another?

I like debate.



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