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NPDA style parliamentary debate is becoming more rigourous, structural, research intensive, and fast every year.  As we have this conversation about topics/retention/defection to parli on edebate, people are conversing in the parli community about a Bruschke-style rankings system, some tournaments are switching to MPJ and pre-posting topic areas, and the final round of the NPTE was both good and fast.  Our parli debaters have to do tons of research now and they will have to do more in the future.  
This transition is occurring despite the warnings, judge interventions, preachings from the bullyparlipulpit, and lamentations of the past decade.  Debaters love the rigor, and many (if not most) of the coaches in the trenches do too.  
Obviously worlds-style, APDA, and other debate leagues still don't do many of these things, but there were nearly 300 teams at NPDA nationals, and probably well over 65% of those teams view the conceptual categories and vocabulary of policy debate as a model for their type of debate.  It will become less accessible as research burdens increase, and some people will say: take it back to the good old days while others will say: no, move forward and it's sink or swim.  The loudest voices on both sides of that question are espousing essentially incomplete points of view, both in parli and policy.  
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