[eDebate] The Merger to be Excavated at NCA

Darren Elliott delliott
Wed Jul 18 00:24:00 CDT 2007


With the recent proliferation of discussions concerning the topics, the
merger, novice debate, and Korcok's lack of hair, I thought it would be
appropriate to point out a panel at NCA this November.

Just a few months from now a fine panel will be discussing the Merger 10
years after the fact.  I encourage all to attend the NCA panel in
Chicago and provide comments, ask questions, etc.

The panel is comprised of:
Participants--Al Louden, Sue Peterson, Will Repko, Gordon Stables, and
Brad Hall.

Sunday, Nov. 18th, 8am Palmer House Hilton, Salon 8.

See you there!

Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC
CEDA 1st Vice-President

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