[eDebate] Being blunt

EMarlow at ucok.edu EMarlow
Wed Jul 18 12:15:48 CDT 2007

I want to extend an apology to Josh.  I probably did try to burn you in 
effigy for a position that you don't necessarily represent.  If you 
interpreted my statements as directed at your life experience, then you 
misread what I wrote.  I said you had been privileged in debate and 
academia.  Trust me, I know that both of us have evil skeletons in the 
closet and I wasn't trying to bring them into this.  I think that I just 
have so much frustration with the status quo that I took it out on you and 
I am sorry dude.  We have known each other too long for me to act like 

What I was trying to say is that I do not have any objective evidence, 
but, in my heart, I feel like we are going down the wrong road.  I know 
that you disagree and I respect your opinions enough that I have thought 
long and hard about what you have said.  I wish that I could point to one 
thing and say "there is the problem", but I can't.  I know that you value 
objective evidence and I wish I could give you more than what has already 
been hashed out on edebate countless times, but I can't.

I am already fully committed to the Iron Chef movement.  Its funny that 
Jackie and I had an almost identical conversation with the same 
conclusions about political process change about 6 hours before Ede posted 
his list (you been talking to Mapes, Ede?).  The bottom line for me is 
change.  We have to do something to right the ship, and I am down to help 
in the process.  I know that Jackie, Andy, Tuna, Ede, and I are not the 
only ones who feel this way.  I was just hoping that my speaking out would 
encourage some of the others to come out into the open.

I would gladly volunteer my time and effort to the creation and support of 
new areas of controversy and topics that encourage more people to join the 
activity that both Josh and I love so much.  Again Josh, I am sorry for 
scapgoating you.

Off to mold budding public speakers....


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