[eDebate] Questions for Tim

Martin Harris mharris02
Wed Jul 18 23:33:11 CDT 2007

Massey wrote:
"You coach at one of the top recruited high schools in the country. If debate resolutions stay this way, your kids will always be highly recruited because they can afford the camps and travel that put them in contact with those who debate via technique, and thus benefit from the current resolutional structure. I say you have self interests in defending debate as is."

I am confused as to what Tim has to gain from his kids being recruited? Even if you are correct, do you think St. Mark's kids won't be sought after in a different form of debate? Do you think Tim can't sleep at night unless he knows his kids are dominating the college circuit?

Tim might have a different view on debate than you, but I think you honestly don't know him if you think he argues to entrench his elitist powers. Your insinuation is mildly disrespectful. Just read his words. He is clearly a person that loves debate, all aspects. Why else would any one chose to engage in a conversation with Todd Graham for over an hour at NCA?

Martin Harris
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