[eDebate] I want to be on the topic committtee

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Jul 18 23:51:24 CDT 2007

now its not my official announcement per se, but it is my public intent to
be considered for the next cycle of nominations, at the summer meeting i
talked to several members of the ec about being nominated and the
conversation went something like this

A: hey i would be interested in being on the topic committee
EC member: Cool well, that goes through the nominating committee
A: Ok i want to be nominated.
EC: Well its not that easy its "x person's" turn next then there is somebody
in line after that

i dont think i am misrepresenting too badly...i think the conveyed intent of
this process is a little anti democratic, i would like to discuss that part
of the process. I dont think it is an unjustifiable approach and i dont
think there is an ironclad prohibition against someone not in line running,
but there at least seems a tendency, can we discuss it.
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