[eDebate] huh?

Stefan Bauschard SBauschard
Thu Jul 19 02:31:13 CDT 2007

Perhaps the NDT should accede to a democratic vote.  My point is that if the Mahoney/Hanson proposal is advanced in its current form at the CEDA business meeting then whomever advances it should also show up at the NDT meetingd an advance a proposal to change the NDT rule that says the NDT will only debate the CEDA topic IF CEDA chooses a policy topic.  It would certainly prevent the NDT meeting from being a dull one.

I think that is a superior alternative to forcing the NDT to either ignore its own rule or triggering a forced split.  I don't think that's what Mahoney/Hanson had in mind, so I pointed it out.

If changing the NDT rule has no popular support, then there is probably not much of a chance of a non-policy resolution winning anyhow.

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