[eDebate] Topics from a previous time

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Jul 19 15:44:44 CDT 2007

The topics i posted yesterday are old pre merger NDT topics.

Aside from the fact that they dont account for jackies concerns about
switch  side, as Neil's post on the subject points out and critiques, they
do set up a tradition of resolutions that the ndt was comfortable with prior
to the merger.

Tuna speaks to another tradition, a ceda tradition of  broad and potentially
bidirectional topics.

Whatever the case the nostalgia for old ways seems to be running high.

We have heard about the ceda resolutions prior to the merger and debates
about how those worked, but the ndt community where we supposedly got the
hyper technical policy resolution from receive comparitivly less nostalgic

I know some of the topics are probably too old for any one to remember that
the ndt debated them, but some of them are newer and some folks debated

For those of you who supported those topics and the current topics can you
compare contrast discuss?

Korcok spoke at one point i think of a desire by the topic committee to
project an image of compromise in order to shore up the viability of the
merger, but perhaps that spirit of compromise overshot what was needed, or
locked in a particular practice which was experiencing popularity in pre
merger ndt topics as "the way they like it"

or perhaps its all just evolution, and these topics have an already built in
reflection and projection of the past topics,but perhaps its worthwhile to
reflect on a time when ndt topics where the broad elegant policy options
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