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scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu Jul 19 23:38:51 CDT 2007

WTF? Is Tuna being sarcastic? I am not sure because he has always been sincere.
Needless to say, I agree with his post about how topics/resolutions are so bad,
that it is forcing directors away from CEDA NDT.
Me in total agreement with Jackie Massey? Me agreeing with Mike Korcock? Me
disagreeing with Matt Stannard? What the hell is going on?

I was at lunch today, taking a break from my move to back to Louisiana to create
a brand new debate
program in Louisiana. I told one of the faculty that it is highly likely
that I would not field a policy debate team this year. WHy? "Because, Ty, here
is how how fucked up policy debate has become...." Then I recited the LEAST
complicated resolutions from memory. As a former debater, and now a tenured
professor of communication, he was appalled. His first comment was "How the
fuck are you supposed to coach novices with that shit" That is a direct quote.

Now, to sit at a computer and have Tuna Snider, the Father of the this CEDA/NDT
merger, point out that this train is barreling off the tracks, forcefully
confirms what I have been complaining about for a number of years.

Last week at least three members of NDT sent me e-mails wanting to lay bets, for
real money, that no change in intercollegiate policy debate  would occur within
the next three years. They openly laughed at the idea that somebody or some
group of concerned professors could change the system. They openly mocked the
concept that college coaches could or would revolt against this bullshit.

I am starting to see more of an upswell of resentment and a desire to revolt
than these coaches are willing to see--or are afraid to see.

I think it is high time that like minded coaches that are still members of CEDA
come together at the next NCA business meeting to propose specific changes to
the CEDA Constitution to stop this shit in its tracks (no I did not accept any
bets, so my only motive is to improve opportunities for colleges students to
participate in research based  debate).

I would like for those members of CEDA that are like minded to propose
resolutions that would accomplish this change.

The first, and most efficient would be to re-establish resolutions that are ONLY
one semester in length. This would create a clear break from NDT. It is short
and sweet like a leg amputation. It leaves a permanent scar, and some
substantial disability, but it saves the life of the patient.

Second, and I do not know how to frame it right now, a philosophical statement
that says the goal of CEDA is, above all else, to promote the teaching of
research based argumentation to college and University students.

Winning a National Championship IS NOT the primary goal of CEDA debate
tournaments and CEDA debate topics.

Third, a commitment to regional debate rather than a race toward qualifiaction
for the NDT.

For those that wrote me last week wanting to take bets on whether there would be
a substantial shift in college policy debate, give me (US?) a few more months,
and I may even offer you odds on your bets.


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