[eDebate] I'm confused

Donald Bryson anabaptist
Fri Jul 20 11:47:25 CDT 2007

I'm from the days post-merger so a lot of this conversation is over my head.  I've got a few questions because I'm young (not dumb) and don't know any better.

1) What would be the net benefit of 2 topics over 1 topic?  Sounds like an increased workload in scouting and research to me.

2) If the topic is really a non-policy topic, then how does that affect the activity of "policy debate"?

3) Scott Elliott mentioned CEDA's purpose and then talked about the 2 topics.  I'm sure that CEDA's sole purpose isn't to provide 2 topics (one policy and one not) so what was he talking about when he spoke of "CEDA's purpose"?

Too young to know any better,
Donald Bryson
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