[eDebate] Topic Announcement

Jeffrey.Jarman Jeffrey.Jarman
Fri Jul 20 11:57:50 CDT 2007

Hello Everyone:

The results of the election are now in.  Resolution #1 won.  All six 
amendments passed.  The wording 
and vote totals are below.

2007-2008 Resolution

Resolved: that the United States Federal Government should increase its 
constructive engagement with 
the government of one or more of: Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, the Palestinian 
Authority, and Syria, and 
it should include offering them a security guarantee(s) and/or a substantial 
increase in foreign 

73 ballots were received.

First place votes
Resolution 1:  53
Resolution 2:  8
Resolution 3:  5
Resolution 4:  7

Resolution #1 wins with a majority on the first round of voting.

Amendment #1 passes 53-7.
Amendment #2 passes 55-10.
Amendment #3 passes 54-11.
Amendment #4 passes 54-12.
Amendment #5 passes 49-15.
Amendment #6 passes 55-9.

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