[eDebate] Hopping on the Soul Train

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Fri Jul 20 17:25:45 CDT 2007

Hey Ede,

The problem with MTV is that it took the WORST of Black music culture, exploited
it for white profit, and killed the dreams of Don Cornelius. Gangster Rap,
booze, drugs, Ho's, Pimp Life.

Even if you are right that a new split would result in a decrease in CEDA
numbers, it DOES NOT MEAN that there would be a decrease in student
participation in debate. There is a difference in organizational participation
and students actually debating. based on prior precedent--i.e. CEDA's first
split with NDT, the flux period of two decades led to tremendous growth and
particpation in debate when particpation in NDT-style debate almost led to the
organization's extinction.

Even if you are right that a split would result, eventually, in a re-merger some
decade down the road, and that it is inevitable; I posit that during that
interim period--the period before ossification rears its ugly head again--that
many students would benefit. These are students that would NEVER participate
under the current fossilized form of policy debate that has an oligarchy or
plutocracy controlling the shots.

I would like to create a Soul Train alternative. The way I see it is this:

NDT's only power is that it has--THE NDT. If I don't give a damn about the NDT,
then the organization has no power over me or my program. Unlike the
government, NDT can't stop me from hosting a tournament any time I want and
cannot tell me what resolution to list on the invitation.

CEDA's only power comes from "CEDA sanctioning" of tournaments and CEDA
Sweepstakes points for rankings. If I don't give a damn about whether I attend
a "sanctioned" tournament, and I don't give a damn about CEDA rankings, CEDA
has no power over me or my program.

So, the only issue is whether my students can attend enough tournaments outside
the NDT/CEDA bi-opoly.

If, say UL-Lafayette hosts a non-CEDA sanctioned tournament using an alternative
resolution, what would happen? If white kids listened to Little Richard rather
than Pat Boone, would we have a generation of interracial children--wait,
that's what happened, but I digress.

If CEDA programs, a slacker NDT program, two or three Parly programs and a
couple schools that do not even have programs showed up to debate the
alternative topic for that weekend, would the Earth implode?

No, but it would be dangerous for CEDA and NDT. Why? Because people would
realize that you could host a policy/research based debate tournament without
the Pope's holy blessing---and all that would happen would be students having
an enjoyable weekend of debate and southern Hospitality. The next year,
perhaps, another schools decides to do the same thing. Then another, then
another. Pretty soon you would have people going to debate tournamnets debating
all kinds of issues that were not CEDA sanctioned or did not promote the NDT.

HORRORS!! Oh my GOd! CEDA would be decimated?

But, I ask, what does that mean? Is that a bad thing?

Here is a hypothetical:

Schools start hosting non-CEDA sanctioned tournaments with topics that are
geared toward your average college student. Hundreds of students who would have
never particpated in CEDA/NDT attend those tournaments. Also, schools that would
normally attend a CEDA tournament decide to go the the alternative tournamnet at
the expense of particpation in CEDA/NDT sanctioned tournaments.

The CEDA/NDT Organizations may be harmed--but the net effect is MORE STUDENTS
debating and, perhaps, more people having fun at debate tournaments. It really
is the difference between watching American Bandstand and watching Soul Train.
While Bandstand was bigger, Soul Train was funkier, more fun, and a whole lot
more erotic.

So, Ede, I don't understand why there is a need to participate in Pat Boone
style debate. I can have my own house party and any of my philosophical
home-boyz who are down with me can join the party. Next week we can have it at
their "house" and there ain't a CEDA/NDT cop in the world that can stop it.
Is CEDA going to pass a rule that says if a program goes to an alternative
resolution tournament, they are kicked out of the organization? LOL

Emancipation is always a threat to the oligarchs. And, in this situation I
REALLY see no downside whatsoever.  The only people who could be possible hurt
are those who don't give a shit about me and my students to begin with. So why
should I care. And, to show how mitey white I am, I would even let them come to
my house party so they can learn a little funk and get some Soul back into

Don Cornelius

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