[eDebate] Any "activists" out there? An action item for skilled debaters

Ross K. Smith smithr
Sat Jul 21 16:18:56 CDT 2007

The Huffington Post and newassignment.net are doing distributed citizen 
journalism, a project called "Off the Bus." I have already written a 
couple of blog posts for it, here: 

One of the first major projects of their 2008 pres. coverage is right up 
your alley: debate.

They are looking for people who can research in real time to fact-check 
and argument-check claims made in Monday's CNN/YouTube Democratic pres. 
primary debate and claims made by pundits and spinners. You can do this 
from wherever you are if you have a cell phone, cable TV and internet 

Here is the link to the announcement and there are links to how you sign 
up within it:

P.S. Let me know if you do get involved. I can help leverage that into 
at least a tiny bit of good publicity for academic debate and your program.

Ross K. Smith
Director of Debate
Wake Forest University

336-251-2076 (cell)


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