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4. Trying to host cooperatives or coaching clinics in any way we can to help other new coaches who are trying to make a go of this learn all the intricacies of approaching and interpreting topics.  I think this is really what you were talking about.  I think Matt has been an innovator in this area and I would like to commit more to this kind of work in the future.  Unfortunately, having to raise all our own money has made my summers a mess with the camps.  I do want, very much, to do some cooperative regional summer work somehow if I can figure it out with anyone who needs or wants help.  This could certainly also happen electronically in some ways.  
Things you can do to help the cooperative and help yourself:
1. Make a $150 donation to the cooperative and you'll get the evidence set, which has been spoken of highly.  
2. Do an electronic or real cooperative in your neck o' the woods, trade with us for the cooperative evidence.  We can coordinate respective assignments so as to avoid redundancy.  I am hesitant to put the guilt on people for not hosting cooperatives; they are a logistical headache because you're trying to save costs and often working with university entities who feel no such compulsion.  As I said on the Baltimore radio show, get together with others in your region and decide who can get the cheapest dorms, etc.  I have about fifty other suggestions if anyone's interested, but in some ways it'll be your unique thing.  But you can always do an electronic summer evidence production cooperative.  
2A: want an assignment to cut to put in this year's cooperative file?  Backchannel me.  
3. If you can, come to the cooperative next year or in the future.  It's really an envigorating coaching and lecturing experience, something to consider if you feel a little burned out after years of lobbying administrations, etc.  It's beautiful here, peaceful with comparatively cool weather.  The coop participants are, without exception, amazing people. And you can give specialized optional lectures with fancy titles to put on your vitae.
See what you?re getting into?before you go there.
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