[eDebate] "the ship has sailed"

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Sun Jul 22 09:12:57 CDT 2007

Hoe says to MK

But probably the ship has sailed. And there is no way 
people are coming back.

I disagree.  I would stake money on the fact that if CEDA took back to having broader participatoryr resolutions, some of thsoe 
people from the past will return with their programs.  To say that wouldnt is being absolutist, and just another use of the 
"inevitable" tool to stay the course.  I bet other parli programs might switch back over also.  

I would say that if CEDA maintained broader rezs like those you didnt like, but were successful at, other school would also be 
created by past folk who have ties.  

Just keeping the arguments very limited.  I am confident at this point that the broader rez tournaments would have more 



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