[eDebate] would they leave?

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Sun Jul 22 09:28:54 CDT 2007

I dont think their is a "conspiracy" to keep debate elitist.  I dont think Dartmouth, Harvard, or Wake or Northwester are saying, 
lets keep the topics this way to drive people away.  I dont think their is evil in any of their eyes when I see them.

I dont believe in the idea of two topics necessarily.  I think there can be a compromise, but it has to be shown by those who 
are leading the process now.

However, their has to be compromise somewhere, or I think the traditional CEDA people will be diminished, revolt, or 
integrated into a debate community that is 1/3 smaller than their old community.  

I think an example would be for this topic

"The USFG should subtantially change its foreign policy to one or more of the following countries:Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, 
the Palestinian Authority, and Syria.

That second "and" clause in the current topic is over the top.  Most teams who have evaded the topic in the past would return 
to being topical under the rez above.

This is topic writing 101.  But unfortunately, our committee is move into topic writing 4651.

Why does this have to be so complicated?



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