[eDebate] A challenge (again)

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Jul 22 11:38:51 CDT 2007

This one is actually kind of more interesting and less like sniping.

Korcok Quotes Jamey Dumas in 1993

"I think that the amount of knowledge necessary to debate in a policy
framework is minimal:  a one
hour lecture should be a fine starter."

So here is the Challenge. Ala the Youtube CNN Debate.

Lets get the best teachers, educators, debaters, and thinkers together to
see if we can answer the Dumas Challenge.

Here are the parameters.

Record a video up to an hour in length, The video should provide people who
have never debated before the minimal knowledge needed to debate in a policy
framework. You should post it to either Youtube or Google Video so it can be
embedded and easily spread.

I will Index the videos on one of my swarm of websites ;) and provide a
forum for discussion. I will also market and encourage others that might be
interested to market the website as well to as many non debaters as they

On April 15th there will be an online vote, and the winner will be the
featured introduction lecture for a year.

I don't have any money to give you or anything, but who knows if the idea
takes off there could be a small prize.


PS- I know that Tuna has a great deal of resources and so do others, they
should submit their videos to the contest.
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