[eDebate] iraq war veteran to be guest speaker at WDC

matt stannard stannardmatt
Sun Jul 22 19:19:41 CDT 2007

We're pleased to welcome former 1st Lieutenant Gary Barkley to the Wyoming Debate Cooperative on Saturday, August 4. A former high school debater, Gary is very recently back from Iraq, and will be sharing his boots-on-the-ground views of the invasion, occupation, and resistance there. He will also address a plethora of debate-relevant military issues, and may spend some time discussing the future of Don't Ask Don't Tell and sexual orientation in the military. Gary will be speaking at 1:00 PM in the Agriculture Auditorium, again on August 4. Labs will be excused for one hour to attend the event. The event is also open to the public.matt stannard
Missed the show?? Watch videos of the Live Earth Concert on MSN.
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