[eDebate] Wake Forest Workshops and the Democratic Debate

Jane Munksgaard jane.munksgaard
Mon Jul 23 21:36:34 CDT 2007

Tonight The Wake Forest Debate Workshop joined up with The Ben
Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Institute (http://blogs.bftf.org/ ) to
enjoy and evaluate the Democrat Primary Debate in Charleston, South
Carolina. It was a festive environment, complete with popcorn and big
screen viewing in Carswell Hall.

Students enjoyed a truly interactive experience moderated by Gordon
Mitchell, professor and Director of Forensics at the University of
Pittsburgh. Many submitted their own questions to YouTube, evaluated
the clips that were selected, and even contributed to liveblogging the
event at Debate Scoop (http://www.debatescoop.org/ ). Watch for Ross
Smith's forthcoming coverage of the debate at The Huffington Post
(http://www.huffingtonpost.com/). Additionally, Professor Ron Von Burg
and Wake Forest student Kurt Zemlicka are busy compiling statistics
from student submitted evaluations. Both faculty and students enjoyed
taking a break from writing briefs for the camp tournament and
engaging an important political event.

Many thanks to Al Louden, Gordon Mitchell, Damien Pfister, Ron Von
Burg, Ross Smith, and others for coming together to host this unique
interactive debate forum. You should check out the fruits of their
labor at the various websites listed above!

Jane Munksgaard
University of Iowa

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