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24 July, 2007

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to invite you and your students to attend the eighth annual
Atlanta, September 22-24, 2007. This invitation contains all the information
you will need to register, including hotel info.

We are committed to providing you and your students with a wonderful debate
experience. We have secured the same hotel we used last year, negotiated a
rate of $104 a night, and kept the entire tournament centrally located
within a single building complex on our campus. We have also taken steps to
improve the parking situation at the hotel, and are planning to move the
Monday awards ceremony to a more accessible location in the conference

We have made some minor changes to the invitation, so please read it

Here are some of the major tournament FEATURES I hope will entice you to
visit us in Atlanta:

****  A FULL SERVICE, 3-division tournament. Open, JV, and novice divisions
(we may collapse the JV and novice divisions for prelims if an inadequate
number of teams register). 8 prelim rounds in Open and 6 in JV and novice,
with elims for all 3 divisions. We normally break to a full doubles bracket
in Open and semis in JV. If fewer than 70 open teams register, however, we
may move to modified doubles.

****  High QUALITY COMPETITION. We expect to exceed our national draw from
last year. We are eager to welcome programs from around the nation to attend
our tournament.

****  A full and COMPREHENSIVE tournament CASELIST provided for all teams.

****  A TAB ROOM staff that reflects the DIVERSITY of our CIRCUIT, dedicated
to making all participants feel welcome, regardless of their program's
historical commitments. Mike Davis will be running our tab room again this
year. We're committed to enthusiastically implementing CEDA policies on
sexual harassment and inclusion. We are seeking placement on the official
CEDA calendar, and commit to implement all the policies necessary to have
the tournament accredited for inclusion in the CEDA and NDT rankings

****  An ongoing COMMITMENT TO HOSPITALITY. We will offer breakfast and
extensive snacks on Saturday and Sunday, including high quality coffee all
day long. The tournament is located within one block of Underground Atlanta,
a subterranean mall with a major food court that makes lunch cheap and
convenient both prelim days.

****  Great FACILITIES. We've reserved rooms to accommodate over 100 teams
in ONE MAJOR CLASSROOM COMPLEX, so as to minimize room moves. No
cross-campus hikes! Additional rooms will be added if necessary.

**** ON-LINE TOURNAMENT ENTRY. We will be using Jon Bruschke's on-line
tournament entry system (www.debateresults.com), making it easy for you to
add and revise teams and judges.

****  WELCOME TO ATLANTA. Great hotels, wonderful restaurants and nightlife,
easy to get around, tons of great things to do within an easy drive from
campus or the tournament hotel.

****  Typically GREAT FALL WEATHER.

Information about the other logistics of this event are enclosed. Please
move quickly to secure your reservations at the Renaissance Atlanta Hotel

Please join us in Atlanta this September!


Dr. Joe Bellon
Director of Debate

Department of Communication
Georgia State University
University Plaza
1 Park Place
Atlanta, Georgia 30302-4000

office: 404-651-3200
fax: 404-651-1409
tournament e-mail: debate.gsu at gmail.com
send caselist info to: gsucaselist at gmail.com


HOTEL. The tournament hotel is the Renaissance Atlanta Hotel Downtown,
located at 590 West Peachtree Street, NW, in Atlanta. We have reserved a
block of 140 rooms at the tournament rate of $104 per night for
double-doubles. For reservations, call 888-391-8724 or 404-881-6000 and ask
for the "GSU Debate" room block. The block is open for registration right
now. Please make your reservations as soon as you reasonably can, as the
cut-off date is officially September 7.

This hotel is remarkably well located. It is about a 5 minute drive from
campus, and is accessible via MARTA's North Avenue station. It is also
within walking distance of a number of restaurants, including Atlanta's
famous Varsity restaurant, the largest fast-food establishment in the world.
The hotel offers high-speed internet access as part of its normal phone
usage fee. You can self-park your vehicle for only $17 per day, which is
less than normal for downtown Atlanta.

For schools who wish to claim a tax exemption, the hotel prefers to receive
a copy of the tax exempt form, a purchase order, and to receive payment via
Government issue credit card or state check. Feel free to call the
information number at the Renaissance for details about this issue - the
hotel is eager to work with you.

DIRECTIONS TO THE HOTEL. The hotel's web site is:

This web site includes a "driving directions" option which will give you
excellent directions to the hotel.

resolution. Any student meeting AFA eligibility requirements may enter the
open division. The JV and novice divisions will be restricted to students
who meet the relevant AFA requirements. Given the earliness of the season,
hybrid teams will be accepted AND will be allowed to debate in elims. 9-3-6,
10 minutes prep. There is a possibility that GSU teams will enter the
tournament in one or more divisions. If that happens, those teams WILL be
allowed to break. Neither the Director nor any other GSU representative will
make judge placement or other critical tab decisions for GSU teams unless it
is absolutely necessary. If it is necessary, we will endeavor to make
decisions that benefit the other team in the debate more than the GSU team.

We will use existing side constraints and flip-for-sides procedures in the
elimination round debates. The first two prelim debates will be preset
randomly. We will pair rounds 3 and 4 off the results of rounds 1 and 2,
high-low within brackets. We will pair rounds 5 and 6 off the results of
1-4, high-low within brackets. Debates after that (rounds 7-8) will be
individually power matched high-low within brackets. Clearing teams and
speakers will receive awards. We expect all judges at the tournament to make
a decision at the end of the round signifying that one team has won and the
other team has lost the debate, and to fill in appropriate speaker
points and ranks. Ballots attempting to award a double win or loss will be
adjusted to this procedure by use of a coin toss. We will not break brackets
in elimination rounds. Sides in elims will be determined by a coin toss; we
will not use side equalization.

assigned round, we will assign another one of your judges (our choice) to
adjudicate an additional round beyond their original obligation. This is
true even if we are able to replace your absent judge with someone other
than a judge from your school.

ALL JUDGES are obligated to judge through octafinals, or one round after
their school's last team exits the tournament, whichever comes later.

CASE LIST: We ask that at registration you provide us with an exact plan
text for the case each of your teams is running, plus the 1AC outline and
1AC citations (send to gsucaselist at gmail.com). In fact, we would really
appreciate it if you could e-mail us this information earlier in the week
preceding the tournament, but we will accept your outline after the
tournament starts if you are still working on it. We are collecting this
information for the purpose of producing a comprehensive case list given a
small support staff. The information you provide us will be kept absolutely
confidential, and will not be released until the end of the first day of

If your team does not feel that a traditional outline adequately reflects
their arguments, we encourage you to send some form of information that you
do find appropriate.

FEES: Entry fees of $120 per Open team and $100 per JV or novice team.
Schools should supply 1 judge for every two teams, regardless of division.
Contact Joe Bellon if you need to hire judges, with as much lead time as
possible. We expect each school to cover their own judging obligations, and
we strongly encourage teams to bring judges whose reputation will allow them
to judge their entire commitment of rounds. If you are willing to be hired
beyond your obligation, please contact Bellon immediately - it is likely we
will want your services.

Our fees are higher this year for a couple of reasons. First, GSU has
started charging us to use rooms. Second, District 6 is collecting funds to
support future national tournaments in the region, and we are contributing
$10 per team in the Open division to that effort.

ENTERING: We are using Dr. Jon Bruschke's online tournament entry system.
This system can be accessed at http://www.debateresults.com. Please enter
your teams and specify your judging by midnight Tuesday, September 19.
Please contact Joe Bellon if you are planning to enter more than 6 teams in
a single division.



6:00 - 9:30 p.m.    Registration, Renaissance Atlanta Hotel


7:30 - 8:30     Pairings available at GSU Campus
8:30     ROUND 1
11:00     ROUND 2
1:00     Lunch on your own
3:00     ROUND 3
5:30     ROUND 4


7:00 - 8:00     Pairings available at GSU Campus
8:00     ROUND 5
11:00    ROUND 6
1:00     Lunch on your own
3:30     ROUND 7*
6:30     ROUND 8*
Teams clearing announced at the tournament hotel

* Elimination rounds in the JV and novice divisions may begin during rounds
7 and 8, depending on the size of the division and our judging constraints.
If necessary, another JV or novice elim round will be held on Sunday, during
the second elimination round in the Open division.


7:00 - 8:00     Pairings available, Renaissance Atlanta Hotel
8:00     First elimination round in open
AWARDS ASSEMBLY TO FOLLOW the first elimination round.
Rest of elimination rounds to follow, through finals.
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