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Jacob.Thompson at unlv.edu Jacob.Thompson
Mon Jul 30 11:56:30 CDT 2007

The Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
is proud to announce its return to NDT/CEDA competition and welcomes the 
entire community to come to UNLV for the first annual Las Vegas Classic 
Debate Tournament.  Registration for the tournament will be held Friday 
October 5, 2007 and competition will occur Saturday October 6 through 
Monday October 8, 2007. 

We will post our formal invitation on edebate and debateresults this week. 
 In the mean time, please consider these reasons for attending the Las 
Vegas Classic.

1)      IT?S IN LAS VEGAS?This point requires no further explanation.

2)      HIGH QUALITY COMPETITION?We already have early commitments from 
dozens of schools?all of D9, the bulk of the west, and several schools in 
the Midwest (D3 and D4).  We?re working on other folks? In the past I?ve 
heard rumors that Dallas Perkins and Ken Strange are ?fond? of Las Vegas; 
these are just rumors though. 

3)      LOW COST?You can find incredibly cheap flights to Vegas 
(especially on Southwest and Allegiant Air, but also on all other major 
carriers).  In addition, we?re discounting our entry fees as an 
?introductory offer? to the community.  Bring four teams to our tournament 
and we?ll completely waive the entry fees for one of those teams (bring 
4?1 plays for free).  Our tournament hotel is a mere $92 per night at peak 
season in Las Vegas?that?s one heckuva? deal too.

4)      HOSPITALITY THAT IS OFF THE HOOK!?Seriously, we?re going ALL OUT. 
Our goal is to convince you that this is and will continue to be the most 
hospitable tournament in the nation.  There will be a Bacchinalian style 
reception on Friday evening.  We will serve serious breakfasts (no stale 
doughnuts here) and lunches on both Saturday and Sunday.  We will provide 
a TON of snacks throughout all 3 days of competition.  We also will hire 
Elvis Presley (or perhaps an impersonator if the King is unavailable) to 
entertain the tournament.  We already have set up a private poker 
tournament on Monday evening at one of the local casinos (professional 
dealers, cool casino poker room setting, details TBA).  Finally, we were 
going to plan a big post-tournament party for Monday, but then we realized 
there is already a party going on....it's Vegas.

5)      COMPS?One hallmark of classic Vegas is the comps system 
(basically, ?you come here, we give you free stuff?).  To introduce our 
tournament to the NDT/CEDA community, we are going to give you a TON of 
free vegas-related schwag.

6)      CENTRALIZED LOCATION?The airport, campus, and tournament hotel are 
all within 5 minutes of one another (they all also are 5 minutes from the 
Las Vegas strip).  Almost all of our rooms will take place in the 
Classroom Building Complex in the center of campus which is 100 yards from 
the UNLV Library and a 2 minute walk from our brand new student union 
(with 5 good restaurants, a Starbucks, and a Jamba Juice)

7)      WIRELESS?In the hotel and at the tournament, plus access to UNLV?s 
new Lied Library. 

8)      AWESOME TROPHIES?Although most of what happens in Vegas stays in 
Vegas, public evidence of your success at our tournament will be both 
gaudy and fashionable as we will be awarding the winners and finalists in 
all 3 divisions very nice poker chip sets.  Other classic Vegas 
accoutrements like dice sets, stainless steel flasks, and gigantic belt 
buckles, etc will round out the trophy selections.

9)       SUPPORT A NEW PROGRAM?Despite recent lamentations about the 
decline of NDT/CEDA debate, we just started, and we?re here to stay.  All 
of those who purport to support new and/or beginning debate teams should 
come to our tournament to evince a public display of that support.

10)     SUPPORT ALL 3 DIVISIONS OF DEBATE?We will offer all 3 divisions of 
competition (N, JV, V)? We expect that the novice and JV divisions will 
stay viable and distinct form one another.  All of you who purport to 
support novice and JV competition should pony up.

11)      IT?S IN LAS VEGAS?Seriously?your school will pay for you to take 
a trip to America's ultimate vacation destination.  How can you say no?

Dr. Jacob Thompson, Ph.D.
Director Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum
Assistant Professor In Residence
Department of Communication Studies
University of Nevada Las Vegas
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