[eDebate] petition against bush's commutation of libby

Darren Elliott delliott
Tue Jul 3 19:48:18 CDT 2007

What comes around is fair play.  It was Scooter Libby afterall who argued that Bill Clinton should pardon fugitive Marc Rich, convicted of tax evasion and one of Bill's most controversial pardons.  Remember Rich's wife made many contributions to the Clinton library, and to Hillary for Senate.  Scooter and Denise Rich were successful in their plea to Bill.  Rich was also involved in shady oil-for-food kickback schemes.  I guess Scooter was just proving again being a part of the machine is all that matters.  What's good for the Donkey is good for the Elephant.

PS--If I ever become President I am totally going to pardon Andy Ellis ; )


>>> <db8coach at cox.net> 07/03/07 7:29 PM >>>
 2. in doing this, this administration has hit nixonian levels of corruption. do something wrong? just pardon whoever gets blamed.

It has been a while, and I tend to forget things, but how much time did Clinton serve for his perjury and obstruction in a federal sexual harassment case???


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