[eDebate] petition against bush's commutation of libby

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Tue Jul 3 20:44:46 CDT 2007

And when Bush was governor of Texas, he made it very clear that there were only two circumstances in which he would use his (limited) commutation power.  He said (and this referred to people who were going to be executed, not sent to prison for 2-3 years) that the only questions he addressed were whether they were guilty and whether they got due process ("My job is to ask two questions. Is the person guilty of the crime? And did the person have full access to the courts of law?"--transcript of October 17, 2000 debate with Al Gore).

If he was satisfied of both of those (and he always was, after getting a memo from his counsel, who for some of that period was Alberto Gonzales), he said it was not his role to judge whether the penalty was appropriate.  He continued to have that position for the first 6 years, 5 months, and 11 days of his presidency.  Suddenly, he's an expert on sentencing proportionality.  Perhaps constitutional law is next?!
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  Bob, I think your bigger problem is logic, not memory.  Turn off the 
  hate radio.

  Libby, convicted of lying and obstructing a federal investigation.
  Clinton, convicted of nothing.

  Bush, commuting sentence of former high official while in office to 
  frustrate ongoing inquiries and to protect himself and the 
  Clinton, neither pardoned nor commuted sentence of any administration 
  official during office.

  Fitzgerald, spent a few million and reached a conviction.
  Starr and fellow chumps, spent $50 million and returned diddly-squat.  
  Jones also proved squat.

  Libby, assailed by media and pundits as "stand-up" guy set up as scapegoat.
  Clinton pursued by right-wing plutocrats funding smear campaigns.

  Libby, pursued by GOP-appointed Republican federal prosecutor respected 
  as one of the handful of best federal prosecutors in the nation
  Clinton pursued by hard-partisan GOP special prosecutor actively 
  involved in supporting GOP campaigns

  Clinton's antagonist appointed by his own DOJ but operated independently.
  Abu Gonzales' DOJ...need I say more?

  And finally, I know it is trite and some may be offended, but...

  sexual harassment - never proven mind you - is not outing a covert 
  agent as part of a campaign to lie the country into a catastrophic war.

  lying about sexual harassment - never proven mind you - is not the same 
  as being convicted of lying about outing a CIA operative.  And I am not 
  even all postal about outing CIA agents.

  These weeds need to be pulled, roots and all.

  Trond E. Jacobsen

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