[eDebate] Are you the "iowa farm boy or girl"?

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
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is calculating
the bigest sin,or obeying
eichman perhaps says

On 7/5/07, debate at ou.edu <debate at ou.edu> wrote:
> Who commits an act of genocide?
> What does it take?
> Crazy people for sure
> Only crazy people could do such a thing
> We talk of genocide like it's a verb
> Genocided genocided
> Are you that iowa farm boy
> Or girl
> Not really iowa
> Just like not really eichmann
> Order from above
> Don't ask questions
> Get in line
> Make the trains run on time
> Decision making as a process
> Or ethics in decision making?
> Are we happy we even had trains?
> Are you a future participant
> You know in the act
> The disdainful act
> Like whats going on in darfur
> Or the tutsis and the hutus
> Could you be either one
> Living in your world
> is the genocide you participate in known?
> Or uknown?
> Aware or unaware?
> Routinized decision making
> Bow to the idol
> I can do the method the best
> But what if
> What if
> What if you are called to war
> Brought into battle
> Or are you too good for such
> Only good enough to calculate but not participate?
> What has your method of thinking brought you too
> In the village
> Or city
> Or dessert
> The radio says shoot
> Do you  fire the missiles from the ship
> A careful decision calculus has to be made
> Who benefits?
> Who dies ?
> Who suffers?
> How much are you to blame?
> What rationality I can make this time to ease my mind
> What are we educated to do?
> jm
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