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scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu Jul 12 11:51:14 CDT 2007

>From my backchannel to another person, but I think this part should be public:

If the goal of debate tournaments is to teach argumentation skills to college
students, then debate coaches should create resolutions that do that. Of course
everyone has different goals. However, the resolutions that are being crafted
currently are being crafted to serve an elite 10% of the student debater
population, which is less than one one thousandth of a percent of the college
student population. Seriously, less than 80 college students benefit from these

Sure, the rest get SOME benefit, but they would be much better off with
manageable resolutions. Students with no experience will see little or no
benefit due to the huge hurdles created by these resolutions. Students with
limited resources of time and or money will also see little or no benefit from
these resolutions.


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