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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Jul 12 20:59:03 CDT 2007

>  I can't believe the college comunity is afraid of a topic that might
> allow assistance to 5 countries.

And So it is, before i get to the rant...I like number 1, scotts right
jackies right..#19now it will probably lose)

The rant

again scott harris

 I can't believe the college comunity is afraid of a topic that might allow
> assistance to 5 countries.

Fear seems to be the primary motivation behind much of the way the college
community interacts with topics, perhaps its because we talk about
unpredictable disasters like it was our job, or our life, but the typical
questions " what if some one did x small case" or "what if y team did
something totally unpredictable" or what if their is an "unanswerable aff"
leads us to topics where the aff is by mandate made more and more
predictable, but there is a broader fear, a fear of engaging a controversy
too head on, like using the supreme court topic to engage the abortion and
education debates, or the palestinian authority to engage palestine. Topics
have become as mundane as possible in order to not offend any particular
political sensibility and what we are left is so uninspiring that no one is
really talking about the topic, at least not publicly...fear has a paralyzed
switch side debate because now topics are written in a way  which  questions
of implementation allow multiple means to skirt  having to actually take
multiple sides of an issue. Resolved quality education should be a
constitutional right...going neg on that resolution is much more likely to
give the advocate the educational experience debate is supposed to offer
than having to go neg on R: SCOTUS Should overturn one or more of the
following cases...Milliken V. Bradley....the used fear stricken resolution
allows the avoidance of that debate if you ar afraid to take on the
controversy...democracies that are paralyzed by fear make often terrible
decisions, in which their most basic principals simply become slogans no
longer connected to reality and here is where debate finds itself with ten
years of post merger fear induced resolutions...

Bold propositions upon which people disagree make better resolutions than
mundane policy propositions that only our literature base cares about (in
the terms we put it in)
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