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Brent Saindon basaindon
Tue Jul 17 09:43:58 CDT 2007

Hey, I don't know why people decline, but if it is budget cuts, perhaps we have the answer: why not work on an NDT/CEDA virtual debate. I know Tuna has done this with British debating, why not look into the possibility. No hotels, you can eat at home (or the dorm), you don't have to pay tons of $ to travel with your tubs, saves on vehicle costs...what's the problem? We've already hit the point of no return with so many other technological interventions in debate (using the internet, IM's, etc.) All the presumptions of non-intervention by outsiders are just taken as trust. So, why not? After the start up cost, it would be very inexpensive to maintain lots of debate. Tournaments could schedule much more relaxed, perhaps over a longer period of time, and you could even have tournament debates between classes!

Just a thought...

Brent Saindon

Pacedebate at aol.com wrote:     Just to add to my previous post....every one of the anecdotal examples you  give below was about a program that isn't in NDT/CEDA anymore but I don't think  any of them left because of the resolutions....specifically, 
 In a message dated 7/17/2007 8:44:05 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  debate at ou.edu writes:
 Remember    the MTSU's,  budget issues not resolutions.
 and the    Southern Utahs  Terry West's biggest complaint was always MPJ. The program cuts came from  over his head and had to do with the administration not wanting to spend the  money.
 or the    Southwestern of Kansas.   budget cuts.
 Now we    are losing schools that have been with 
us for years.  SIU switched    over recently,  SIU for sure didn't switch because of resolutions. At the most recent NCA I  talked with Todd Graham for over an hour about the SIU switch and the  resolutions never came up. Time commitment, costs, recruiting, all were  mentioned what wasn't mentioned were any trends in the resolutions.
 along    with Western Washington.
 I don't know the details here but I'd bet on budget cuts.
 Preempt: this is where Massey will post. DON'T DENY THERE IS A  PROBLEM.
 I'm not denying that it would be better if there were more policy debate  programs. I'm pointing out that you are asserting the root cause of  the problem because it corresponds with your ideological bias. You don't bother  actually researching the issue and coming up with any actual evidence that you  are right. At best you post anecdotal evidence. Unfortunately, as I pointed out  above, you are usually wrong about the facts in your use of anecdotes. 

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