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Perhaps CEDA should sponsor debate cooperatives.

Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 10:25:39 -0400From: davismk13 at gmail.comTo: edebate at ndtceda.comSubject: [eDebate] Topics and new programsIt's amazing to me how there can be hundreds of posts saying the exact same thing (with no proof from wither side) about the topic process/wording, but when CEDA institutes a program to encourage new and emerging debate teams no one is interested. I sent out a post asking people to volunteer if they are interested in starting new debate programs and I received a total of three serious e-mails from people willing to start programs. Luckily the people who were interested are willing to put in the effort to start new programs and we should have about a dozen (could be as many as 40 is a few things go the right way) up and running by the Fall. Imagine how much more successful this effort could be if just a few more people would agree to participate. I know this is probably falling on deaf ears because it is easier to spend time complaining about the system (or defending the system) that it is to work to create a network of strong regional debate. Just like the backfile project whenever people talk about projects to help new programs people say they are a great idea, but are not willing to actually put in the work to make them a reality. -- Dr. Michael DavisDirector of Debate/Assistant ProfessorJames Madison University 
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