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Mike Davis davismk13
Tue Jul 17 09:45:43 CDT 2007

There is already an award for the top emerging programs and the top existing
programs that sponsor new programs.

And the real reward is that you would have a base of teams to debate against
in your region. The reason why regional debate tournaments survive is
because there are teams in those regions to support them. I think new
programs as good for their own sake, but I would probably not invest as much
effort to start debate programs in my area if I did not also benefit from
them. My budget stretches a lot further if I can take my teams to 10
tournaments within a three hour drive. Now I get a lot more bang for my buck
if those tournaments are twice as large.

I know that is you are in Wyoming or Idaho it's not as much of an option,
but there are plenty of people who have teams in cities where there are lots
of schools that could have debate programs. Think of how nice it would be to
drive across town (or a few towns in my case) to have a tournament instead
of having to go half way across the country.

Yes, I think we should be altruistic, but I also know that is not what
motivates most of us. So build new programs near to you to make sure you
have regional debate tournaments to go to and to make your budget go
further. I will even do all the ground work - you don't have to go to school
to ask them to start teams (unless you want to) - I will bug them and once
they say yes all you have to do is mentor them.


On 7/17/07, Andy Ellis <andy.edebate at gmail.com> wrote:
> One reason nobody does anything is because the approach right now is
> largely couched in altruism, that altrusism will only work to the point it
> stops being in peoples interest. To shift that paradigm things approaches
> need to be framed by need and personal interest. Nobody is going to create
> new programs just because they can and it makes them feel good, though that
> is still a calulation of personal interest. Perhaps the new program
> committee could operate in a way which changes teh equation by making it in
> the programatic interests of some programs to masssive program starting.
> Two approaches
> 1) a constitutional amenedment along the lines that neil has proposed in
> the past that requires loccal tournaments twic a year
> 2) A referral commisson program. If you are a program that takes the
> leadership role to get a new program debating you should get a point bonus
> that is say 20 per cent of the referred new programs total season points.
> either of these ideas would provide an incentive beyond altruism and would
> make it more likely that those schools that need ceda points for their
> survival would praticipate in new program intiatives.
> On 7/17/07, Mike Davis <davismk13 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > It's amazing to me how there can be hundreds of posts saying the exact
> > same thing (with no proof from wither side) about the topic process/wording,
> > but when CEDA institutes a program to encourage new and emerging debate
> > teams no one is interested. I sent out a post asking people to volunteer if
> > they are interested in starting new debate programs and I received a total
> > of three serious e-mails from people willing to start programs. Luckily the
> > people who were interested are willing to put in the effort to start new
> > programs and we should have about a dozen (could be as many as 40 is a few
> > things go the right way) up and running by the Fall. Imagine how much more
> > successful this effort could be if just a few more people would agree to
> > participate.
> >
> > I know this is probably falling on deaf ears because it is easier to
> > spend time complaining about the system (or defending the system) that it is
> > to work to create a network of strong regional debate. Just like the
> > backfile project whenever people talk about projects to help new programs
> > people say they are a great idea, but are not willing to actually put in the
> > work to make them a reality.
> >
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