[eDebate] to be more blunt

Josh jbhdb8
Tue Jul 17 12:24:15 CDT 2007

Might I make a compromise suggestion?

Back in the not so distant past we had a seperate version of the topic that
was designed to be more Novice friendly.  I know the immediate reaction will
be that this creates a "second class" novice division....However, programs
that want novices to debate the novice less confusing option can go to
tournaments that support a novice topic and those that dont can go to
tournaments that support the normal national topic.

I think one thing that has been enthusiastically demonstrated is that there
are MANY different approaches to coaching debate and to coaching novice
debate,,,In addition, there are many different reasons programs have left or
are considering leaving.

I will admit I have always been in the doghouse, in a sense, with coaches
who support novice because I ten to not work with novices or develop a
novice based squad.  I can understand why people feel that way.

We could even have a seperate "novice" wording committee comprised of people
who are very expert in what novices need etc.

Just a suggestion for us all working together to create a more inclusive
community despite our differences,

I have, and have always had, the utmost respect for Tuna,

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