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Ede Warner ewarner
Tue Jul 17 17:38:43 CDT 2007

Okay, so we watch a lot of Iron Chef in my house...Allay Cuisine!!!!
I'm inspired to get this thing started.  There is no reason that we can't use this forum for our productive organizing efforts, instead of trying to persuade Josh and Mike that hell has froze over.  We should use the resources of CEDA to regain control of CEDA!!!!!
Here is my first stab at a Battle Topic grocery checklist.  Stage one ingredients (Josh might not call this evidence, but perhaps we could compromise by calling it information):
1) We need to know the current composition of the Executive Committee, including when their terms expire and their world view on topic size. 
2) We need to know the current composition of the Topic Committee including when terms expire and their world view on topic size.
3) We need to write 1-3 papers representing the types of topics we would like. We can start using the CEDA topic blog as a forum for getting this topic.
4) We need to set up a structure to have a pre-general area vote before CEDA's election. We probably should only forward the best topic paper so we don't split votes.
5) We need someone to analyze this year's topic votes to see what happened and assess what our needs our for battle next year.
6) We need an accurate count of how many active voting members are currently with us. (could be done publicly or privately).  Specifically what exactly is their current criticism of the topic process and how do they want it to change.
7) We need a pr campaign to inactive and former members to let them know what we are doing and how they can get involved (membership and voting).
8)  We need an accurate understanding of the topic selection process, including significant dates.
9) We need to know the selection process for executive council members and the topic committee.
10) We need have less Yankee fans in the debate community.  Just kidding.  We need to know what specific actions our supporters are willing to take.  Voting, running for office or topic committee, writing area papers, or donations so my kid can get a new baseball bat (damn they are expensive)
Okay, that's a first draft, starting list.  Now we need to discuss and finalize the list (ingredients), then solicit folks to work on the different action items.  See Will, I have learned a couple things from you over the years...
I think we can keep this public because I don't think they can generate much juice outside of what they've got.  We on the other hand, can potentially triple or quadriple our numbers.  And if we do so, that would pretty much be the evidence that Josh, Korcok, and others say is lacking, huh?  Of course, there will be those who engage in unethical behavior instead of fighting fair, but if we stay noble and committed, we shall rue the day!!!! (heard that in a movie recently, not exactly sure what it means)
My wife is standing over me with a butcher knife saying back to the book or else.  If I don't stop, this is going to become Battle Bald, Fat, Black man!!!!!
Tuna, Andy, Jackie, Neil, Eric, and whoever else has been talking on the listserv, can we get this started?
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