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Josh jbhdb8
Tue Jul 17 18:27:17 CDT 2007

I want to say in NO uncertain terms....I absolutely support the democratic
process....I even dont mind broader or more simple to understand topics.

Is there any way that I can stop being hung in effigy for being honest in a
public forum about my feelings?  Probably not.....Thats fine....BUT I
absolutely support the most democratic process possible,

And, I love Iron Chef too,


On 7/17/07, Ede Warner <ewarner at louisville.edu> wrote:
>  Okay, so we watch a lot of Iron Chef in my house...Allay Cuisine!!!!
> I'm inspired to get this thing started.  There is no reason that we can't
> use this forum for our productive organizing efforts, instead of trying to
> persuade Josh and Mike that hell has froze over.  We should use the
> resources of CEDA to regain control of CEDA!!!!!
> Here is my first stab at a Battle Topic grocery checklist.  Stage one
> ingredients (Josh might not call this evidence, but perhaps we could
> compromise by calling it information):
> 1) We need to know the current composition of the Executive Committee,
> including when their terms expire and their world view on topic size.
> 2) We need to know the current composition of the Topic Committee
> including when terms expire and their world view on topic size.
> 3) We need to write 1-3 papers representing the types of topics we would
> like. We can start using the CEDA topic blog as a forum for getting this
> topic.
> 4) We need to set up a structure to have a pre-general area vote before
> CEDA's election. We probably should only forward the best topic paper so we
> don't split votes.
> 5) We need someone to analyze this year's topic votes to see what happened
> and assess what our needs our for battle next year.
> 6) We need an accurate count of how many active voting members are
> currently with us. (could be done publicly or privately).  Specifically what
> exactly is their current criticism of the topic process and how do they want
> it to change.
> 7) We need a pr campaign to inactive and former members to let them know
> what we are doing and how they can get involved (membership and voting).
> 8)  We need an accurate understanding of the topic selection process,
> including significant dates.
> 9) We need to know the selection process for executive council members and
> the topic committee.
> 10) We need have less Yankee fans in the debate community.  Just kidding.
> We need to know what specific actions our supporters are willing to take.
> Voting, running for office or topic committee, writing area papers, or
> donations so my kid can get a new baseball bat (damn they are expensive)
> Okay, that's a first draft, starting list.  Now we need to discuss and
> finalize the list (ingredients), then solicit folks to work on the different
> action items.  See Will, I have learned a couple things from you over the
> years...
> I think we can keep this public because I don't think they can generate
> much juice outside of what they've got.  We on the other hand, can
> potentially triple or quadriple our numbers.  And if we do so, that would
> pretty much be the evidence that Josh, Korcok, and others say is lacking,
> huh?  Of course, there will be those who engage in unethical behavior
> instead of fighting fair, but if we stay noble and committed, we shall rue
> the day!!!! (heard that in a movie recently, not exactly sure what it means)
> My wife is standing over me with a butcher knife saying back to the book
> or else.  If I don't stop, this is going to become Battle Bald, Fat, Black
> man!!!!!
> Tuna, Andy, Jackie, Neil, Eric, and whoever else has been talking on the
> listserv, can we get this started?
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