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Ede Warner ewarner
Wed Jul 18 22:30:35 CDT 2007

I few questions from the kitchen for my favorite Royals fan or any members of the topic committee/CEDA execs:
1) If 25 new programs willing to become CEDA members tomorrow if they could debate a 10-12 word broad topic, would you reconsider your position in the best interests of CEDA?
2) If a general area paper won that called for either a broad topic or a non-policy resolution, would you support an exclusive slate of topics complying with what the paper called for?
3)  Would a compromise decision by the community to vote for a broad topic but to enforce topicality much more stringently be acceptable to you?  Could that agreement be informal or would it need to be formalized somehow?  Does the loss of having "not debate the topic" debates reduce the topic sufficiently enough for you to make the tradeoff manageable?
4) Why can't CEDA, who has an actual structure and organization find a way to regulate this through it's organization?  Doesn't your argument prove the point, that all of the power of this organization has already been ceded to CEDA, through the "run to the national circuit", etc.
5) Who and what is CEDA?  Part of what makes this conversation less meaningful is that many of the pro-CEDA folks support smaller limited topic, national circuit travel, et.  So, is there a CEDA versus NDT anymore?  And if not, is there a better way to categorize our community?
6) If a segment of the community is frustrated with those who ignore the topic, resulting in a move to more and more narrower topics AND there is a segment of the community frustrated with those who overly restrict affirmative ground (voice, etc) through narrow topics resulting in a move to less and less engaging of the topic, why isn't the broader topic with strong topical checks the compromise?  
7)  Can we identify when the NDT and CEDA have been at their strongest in terms of participation and identify what the norms and procedures looked like during that time period?
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